Prioritising me

12 Jul 13

I want to change how I prioritise the things I need to do.

Currently it goes like this:

  • First, work I’m paid to do
  • Second, things I’ve explicitly committed to do
  • Also Second, chores that have to be done (pay bills, doctor appt etc)
  • Third, political activities (and there are a lot of these!)
  • etc etc etc
  • Last, things I love to do. Like writing.

I’ve committed to a bloggy course over the next few weeks, with an intention to bump ‘blog-attention’ up from Last to Second (an explicit¬† commitment, yes?).

We’ll address another time the question of why I have myself last on this list, and be satisfied for the moment if I can move ‘Blog tasks’ up closer to the top.

How do you prioritise? When you have too much to do, how do you decide what gets your attention and energy? Have you thought about it?


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