Clear-out – Day 5

05 Sep 11

The next thing in my sights is the sideboard in our living room.

SideboardWe use it to hold all sorts of stuff, and I’m going to clean it out and maybe get rid of it. I say ‘maybe’ because I have a sentimental attachment. It’s an English sideboard that I bought while I lived in California, and then shipped all the way back to England when I moved here. I really do love it, but we don’t have a good space for it, and it doesn’t fit my end picture of a rather minimalist space.

We’ll see how I feel after it’s cleared out and cleared off.

To lower the stress levels, I have set 5 separate tasks: each drawer, then the cupboards on the side, then the surface.

First was the top drawer.

Top drawer, beforeHere we have incense from San Francisco (mine) and from India (his). Plastic protectors for Beanie Baby labels (we were caught up in the craze a decade ago). A Hohner harmonica, global touch screen remote control, dream catcher, bicycle lights (never used) and a cribbage board and playing cards. Also 11p.

I was ruthless. (What is the opposite of that, ruth? ruthful?)

Here’s the result:

Top drawer, afterIf you’d like my advice on how to clear out your clutter, drop me a line.


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