Clear-out – Day 12

22 Sep 11

I decided to give myself a break. Any day that I work on The Great Clear-out I now count as the next day. So even though there have been a few (quite a few, really) days between my last post and this one, today I’m making forward progress, so it counts as the next day. I think that’s a generous and helpful outlook.

Today the courier is due to pick up the boxes of CDs and DVDs that we’ve sold to MusicMagpie. Each box is properly¬† inventoried, boxed and labelled, waiting by the front door, ready for pickup.

Also ready to go out the door, lots of books for Oxfam, which I have to courier into town myself.

Also gone: old frying pans, bits of hardware no one recognised, and a japanese print cloth that we’ve kept for years and have no idea where it came from (well, probably Japan, at some point).

I took a few days off this week to attend the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Birmingham. This was my first conference, and definitely won’t be my last. I found it uplifiting, and downright inspirational that there are so many people in this country for whom fairness, human rights, and a commitment to do everything in their power to life children out of the trap of poverty are HUGE, TOP priorities. I feel proud to be a Liberal Democrat.

Anyway, in the run-up to conference, and during it, I lost my clearing-out mojo. In order to grab it again, I’ve asked for support, read blogs of master clearer-outers and talked to my friends and family about their methods and outcomes. I don’t know if Mr Mojo will move on again, but for today, it’s here. The Great Clear Out continues…

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